Bus Schedule for Summer Rec

 Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Times are approximate and subject to change as season begins, and can be affected due to traffic.

    Bus Driver: Ellie Dolezal (641-485-2880)

Click Bus-Schedule - Ellie Dolezal to download a printable    schedule.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday in June


Time Location
7:45am Old Tama Primary Lot
7:47am Partnership Center - NW Corner
7:50am Pool / Basketball Courts
7:51am Kids' Corner (if needed)
7:52am Middle School Gym
Country Club (if needed)

Return & Pick-Up

Time Location
9:05am Kids' Corner
9:10am Middle School
9:12am Pool / Basketball Courts
9:17am Country Club
9:21am Partnership Center - NW Corner
9:23am Old Tama Primary Lot
9:26am Elementary / High School Tennis Courts
9:28am Pool / Basketball Courts
9:38am Middle School (drop-off only)

Return & Pick-Up

Time Location
10:40am Kids' Corner
10:45am Middle School Gym
10:47am Pool / Basketball Courts
10:50am Elementary / High School Tennis Courts
10:53am Partnership Center - NW Corner
10:55am Old Tama Primary Lot
If Needed Pool / Basketball Courts (if needed)
If Needed High School Tennis Courts (if needed)
11:05am Toledo Heights
After 11:05 Middle School (drop-off only)

Return Only

Time Location
12:15pm Toledo Heights
Delivered to drop-off locations as needed